Q: Are Travel Advisories and State Department Warnings Covered?
This information is from TravelInsured our travel insurance company. The question on their newsletter was: does travel insurance cover you if an area is under a State Dept warning or caution. Do note: we do not go to areas under State Dept warnings. Only once did we cancel a trip for 25 going to Egypt; they were all refunded promptly and well before we were paid.

Answer from TravelInsured: No, these types of events are not covered under any travel insurance policy unless you purchase the Optional Cancel For Any Reason. Many of these warnings are broad and are designated for a country as a while, yet typically the incidents that caused these warning are not near the popular tourist area. There are also certain parts of the world that carry and inherent risk and will always have a warning.

There is, however, an Assistance Company benefit available on select plans that will provide assistance to you should they be on their vacation and have an evacuation ordered by the State Department/US Embassy for their destination. The client can coordinate and be provided security assistance through our Assistance Company should they find themselves in this situation.

We always recommend Travel Insurance and on a personal level, I just make the premium part of my trip cost and do not look back. You can buy it almost up to the date of departure but pre-existing conditions are only covered if you buy it within certain early days.  For more information or quotes for your Women’s trip or other travels, ask us.