Today I had a nice call from a woman who is planning on going to Morocco with us for Thanksgiving. She studied the itinerary and asked if she could sit in front of the bus for the one longer drive over the Atlas Mts. The answer was of course, yes.

Here are typical and atypical special needs we have been asked before:

1. Car sickness, yes sit in front.

2. Hearing impaired, yes sit near the guide so you can hear him. But as you are on a schedule and staying in hotels, we ask you bring your special alarm clock or room with someone.

3. Walking issues: all our trips involved walking and occasionally stairs and cobbled stones. All buses and all vehicles require some kind of step up and step down. If you have walking difficulty, please go over the entire day by day itinerary with us before you book.

4. Allergies: we try to cater to allergies but again if you have serious allergies, bring snacks for when you are uncertain of ingredients. There are translation cards for every language and you can create one on google translation that says: I cannot eat ????.  Out of the US, allergy restricted diets are not as common, so beware and be prepared.

5. Back issues: in most airports you will be required to bring your luggage into and out of customs by you own brawn. We cannot obtain assistance in restricted areas of the airport. Here is what we suggest, ask a young person to help you! Again get a translation of that request before you leave.

6. Perfume: We do not encourage heavy perfume use on any trip and are happy to ask the user to avoid it in future.

So Yes we had someone who needed her yoga ten minutes solo in the shared room. Yes we had the dust allergy. Yes we had fear of flying. You have it and we already know it!!!

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