We love them but we hate them. Travel brochure photos tell a story about who is welcomed on the trip and who is not. A look at many brochure photos says this to women:

Don’t come alone. Dining photos show either couples, families or groupings of people who seem to know each other: toasting together or looking familiarly at one another. You don’t ever see a captain’s table with an empty seat not yet taken? In fact, you don’t see travelers shaking hands and meeting each other either.

You are too old to join this trip. Oddly most photos are of people in the 45-60 range, only younger if a family is photographed or if this is an true adventure trip. Rarely do you see 2-3-4 older women yucking it up over wine and desserts.

You need to pack better clothing. Don’t come if your wardrobe includes leggings, bulky tees or if your hair is messy under a baseball cap. What wardrobe is acceptable? is the most asked question by our women travelers.  Airlines encourage us to limit carry on and baggage weight, yet brochures tell us to coordinate and clean up our acts.

Brochures always show perfect hair! Hair styling is the last thing you have time for on a busy travel day so don’t come unless you have time to groom each morning and night with the hair products used at your salon.

You need to be celebrating something.  So many travel brochures, especially cruise literature, show people, usually couples, drinking champagne and or toasting. These photos  tell a new widow or newly single woman, you are no longer a celebrant.

So if you wish to match the image of travelers in print, here is what you need to do:

Lose 25 pounds, buy pastel Ralph Lauren sports wear, go to the MAC cosmetic store for a makeover, and bring equally attractive people with you as props.