It is perplexing that so few travel agents cater to the executive women’s  leisure market. Here is what we think about this enigma.

There are few tours available, that fit agents’ need for licensed and professionally organized trips. Scan the net and how many women’s tour companies are IATAN licensed? Are part of industry recognized travel leaders? Or even offer agent commissions?

Women like myself, and you who read this blog, may call your agent for a solo trip, but will likely be told that they do not have answers for you.  A cruise in a solo cabin? A spa trip?  Women then investigate a museum or university vacation. The land price + single supplement, is  more than the $10,000 a Chinese girlfriend bought with ‘government’ money at Prada last week (source: NYTimes).

So travel agents out there, don’t turn us away, but check out The Women’s Travel group  inventory of trips which now includes:

India in November and Morocco over Christmas. India will have Pushkar Camel Mart and 4 1/2-5 star hotels and Morocco, the same. Agents can book with Mary at SITA and we are happy to arrange shares for their clients.