The Women’s Travel Group arranges shares for anyone who wishes. There are several tips which will help you along the way:
1-Be neat and keep your possessions and tissues on your side of the room. In the bathroom especially be neat.
2-Arrange bathroom times if possible.
3-Avoid putting on the tv and turn off audio on your devices.
4-Both of you should keep track of expenses put on the room. Even better put no expenses on the room.This will make check out easier.
5-Hot-cold. It is easier to get more blankets if one of you is cold and the other suffers from heat. Be fair.

Room sharing can be fun. Remember college? And it saves a load of money as hotels continue to rise in cost. Do it right; speak your mind nicely early in the trip. Join us this Summer to Peru, Argentina or other exciting destinations. For more on our solo specials, read here.