The Best Places to Lose Your Luggage from The Women’s Travel Group.

Clothes? Definitely India where cotton is king and where most women’s clothes are full and blousy.  Fabindia will make you wish your stuff will never arrive. The stores are nationwide in India and staff usually speaks English. The only help you might need is choosing from the colors and wools, silks and of course: jewelry. In fact almost everything you see in Indian markets and shops will tempt you and will be affordable. Here is their logo from the Fabindia site.

Sneakers? England definitely. London, in particular, has endless shoe stores with fashionable knock off’s and sales people you can talk to. Shoes are hard to replace, so we recommend you wear your walking shoes rather than pack them. But if you luggage is late, wander over to Oxford Street for a wonderland of shoe stores. for copies and originals of fashion shoes.

Personal products? This is a tie between India and Paris. Surprised? In Paris you find cheap wonderful cosmetics and creams in super markets as well as in lower end department stores. Monoprix is our favorite shop for these items.  In India, pharmacies sell aromatic products with the floral and spice fragrances of the East.  Hotels and in -ouse spas will also offer unusual products you will miss once you use them up. Lemon, avocado, cypress, lotus, aloe vera, jasmine, musk, tea tree…. Some might not pack well so put in a bag inside your suitcase.

Cell phones? If you lose your phone anywhere in Europe, go into an international phone chain like Vodaphone or Orange and purchase a ‘Pay as You Go’ plan. This means you can put some money in your new phone and not sign up for a monthly fee. A basic mobile phone in Europe is cheap: as low as $15. Warning it will have an European phone number, but texting is very inexpensive in Europe. Vodaphone whose logo is here, is international:

Medicine? You will need your prescriptions in the generic to get them filled overseas. Mexico is a great place to lose your medicine as pharmacies stock most of the same items we take and the generics are good. Pharmacists also are highly trained. Be aware, you might have to order your medicine and pay a deposit. It can take a day for smaller drug stores to obtain something not in inventory. Some drugs in Mexico do not even need a prescription in some pharmacies: Cipro for instance.

Hope you get to do some fun local foraging, even if your bags arrive intact.

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