Your first nail biting trip without friends/family.Ireland

Your first trip by yourself should be chosen carefully. Here is why Ireland is the best first trip with The Women’s Travel Group.

Short direct to Dublin flight, less travel fatigue and less initial angst which effects all of us but more, if this is your first solo trip. A little over 6 hours from JFK makes Ireland our closest neighbor besides Portugal.

English speaking, with a lilt and a smile. Obviously this means instructions from airport staff, hotel concierges, wait staff, taxi drivers are in your language. The Irish are friendly and they consider Americans their brethern…

Small country, no extra flights. Driving in Ireland is on country roads, not highways. Driver guides are known to tell jokes and stories as we drive.

History connects Ireland with the US and Canada. Immigration patterns and our British colonial heritage makes you feel at home. Ireland is also home to a sizable Jewish immigrant population-ask us about the Jewish Museum in Dublin.

Weather in July: lovely in the North Atlantic area. You will not need to layer or pack for different temps.

No visas or health considerations. Just a current passport.

Small group size with The Women’s Travel Group. Join our trip to Ireland in July and relax on your first trip without friends/family…..

Add a thrilling post tour to Northern Ireland, new new on the tourist trail.

To chat about this trip as a solo traveler or to talk about room sharing to avoid the single supplement, call Phyllis at 646 309 5607 during office hours…… or email her We love to talk.