• Five reasons to grab last place: Yucatan/Merida

    A simple list should be enough to convince one of our Facebook pals to takethe last room: Dec 2-7 or stay on.

    Weather: sunny warm and fresh.
    Budget: The Peso at an all time low!
    Scenes: UNESCO Heritage sites amidst flowers and birds.
    Food: corn,chocolate,chili, beef, yum
    Friends: Travel with a Group of new friends from Texas? NY? CA? FL? IN?…

  • Women’s vs Men’s Travel

    Women’s vs Men’s Travel


    Group in Utah,

    Yes The Women’s Travel Group Bucket List is gender specific.I write this as a wife with two sons who were born overseas and traveled with me a bunch. Women are different.

    Women thrill at exotic and unusual, but we must have a comfortable hotels and decent bathrooms during the tour.

    We will experiment with food. But we must have  a hearty breakfast, more vegetables, at least one recognizable main dish and dessert!

    We like to learn. However walking tours cannot be too long; museum visits must end at absolute maximum 90 minutes.…

  • Why Mexico and Why Never a Cruise to Mexico?

    We are the only women’s group with Tours to Mexico.  We never cruise there….Why?

    There are at least 10 reasons:

    Cruise ports are Disney’d ways to enter Mexico.  Built for 1,000’s of tourists, loaded on buses, they erase the beauty seeing a pyramidor glimpsing a green parrot in the jungle.

    Mexico means value; the US Dollar is 35% higher and $20 will get you an amazing gift.

    Fine dining is reasonable and memorable. The number of special restaurants in culinary capitals like Puebla is staggering.…

  • So who is in The Women's Travel Group?

    So who is in The Women's Travel Group?

    We thought you might like some bio’s of women who travel with us. We do not want to share their personal details but just to give you an idea of who we are…

    Lets start with Cathy. Cathy just retired from her health care job managing 350 doctors, psychiatrists and others. Cathy found us through a local women’s group and joined us to Sicily several years ago. Cathy has traveled for years checking in on her son, whose work took him overseas. …

  • Must Words for Thanksgiving in Italy

    We still have space on our Rome, Naples, Amalfi Coast Thanksgiving extravaganza  Be prepared with some Italian words:

    Turkey Tacchino…. and here is why it tastes better in Italy:

    See recipe linked here.

    Chestnuts Castagna  Chestnuts have a long history in Italy. Homer and Pliny both mentioned them. Chestnuts have bee a staple for both aristocrats and peasants all over Italy where they are still roasted in a ceramic container over the fire.

    Pumpkin  Zucca   Pumpkin is cooked so beautifully in Italy, filling ravioli, risotto, pasta with pumpkin and bacon, gnocchi and even in bread.…

  • Why Exotic Trips are Easier than Europe

    Why Exotic Trips are Easier than Europe


    Why exotic travel can be easier than European jaunts?

    Many trips to Europe involve a lot of city walking, stairs and marble museum floors. You are tempted to even when tired to wander the neighborhood of our centrally located hotels for some shopping, snacks or photo ops. Oh, those aching feet. In addition, some of us use the fitness area after a day of sightseeing and airplane rides, without thinking to stretch beforehand. Then finally, to save money, we will carry wine back to our room for in-room parties with the group.…

  • Falling Down 15 Stairs

    Yesterday we  read about the awful attack in Istanbul. Shocking videos made even my stalwart travel spine shiver. My heart went out to those injured and families of those killed. Then I remembered how, in a moment of stupidity, I fell down 15 steep stairs, collapsing at the bottom with a flying iPad. Wondering if I was crippled for life. Why connect the two?

    Reading about terrorism and being personally affected by it are very different animals. The statistics of being part of a terrorist event are miniscule, yet television metaphorically covers us with blood.…

  • Brexit Shock and Your Travel Plans

    (The photo is from voxeurop.eu)

    Yeserday, Britain voted to leave the EU.

    How will this change your travel plans? Here is guidance from The Women’s Travel Group.

    For Americans, little will change possibly attitude- see below. If you look at the visa stamp in your passport from a past trip to the UK, you see the following paraphrased. You may enter the UK for up to 6 months. You may not use public assistance. (These are national health or other services like reduced rates for seniors on buses, trains, in museums,free medical, dental, reduced price medicine, eyeglasses etc.)…

  • Dressing for an Upgrade

    The Women’s Travel Group Opines About How to Get Upgrade  This article was written for The National Association of Baby Boomers. Enjoy:

    Does looking the part get you upgraded? There are various theories about this but the consensus is YES.

    AirFareWatchdog.com founder George Hobica, an airline expert was told by an agent that it might help since airlines would not put someone wearing flip flops next to an important traveler. The rule that goes for being seated in the front of the restaurant goes for getting into First Class for free.…

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