So you are going to Paris with us for Christmas Season, and you are going solo. For those of you on the sidelines: Dec 21 depart or leave earlier as some women are doing, and return Dec 28. If you leave earlier, we book you into  our centrally located hotel and put you in touch with the other early birds. Come alone, shares are guaranteed. Limited Space Left.

How about treating yourself with some cheap and cheerful gifts

Here are five goodies to bring home, no matter how slim your budget. And the Euro is cooperating.

Monoprix is the Parisian equivalent of what we used to call Woolworth’s. Founded in 1963, Bourjois cosmetics are sold in many stores but Monoprix is worth the stop. French make up has lighter perfume than American cosmetics and. Try a lipstick or blush. Here is the best part: Take it out in front of your can’t-make-up-their-mind pals with a casual: I need to freshen up with my Parisian lipstick. $9?

Cheese and The Box  At some food stores and in Charles de Gaulle Airport, you can purchase a selection of French cheeses in what looks like a Shaker round pine box with fun French lettering. The ideal box will have 3-4 pieces of cheese and be around 10 inches in diameter. Keep that box! You will use it forever for cheese, napkins, collectibles or  to put on the wall. $20-25 for lots of cheese.

Crockery used for hot chocolate. Here is a hot chocolate cup bought in a hardware store for $2.  It is always on my table with condiments in it. Spend time in hardware stores; they are full of stuff that looks exciting here.

What I call schlep bags, but these have panache. Pure linen, the bag comes in a cute drawstring container and announces to your home town supermarket that You, Ma Cherie, shop in Paris. $5 at Bon Marche Supermarket

Finally, don’t forget hats. In Paris hats are more frequent than here. From a cheap beret for $10 that says ‘Paris’ to a fancy hat shop, you will have fun. Most department stores (Our hotel is near the famous ones) have hats on the ground floor. You might find a straw one that makes you like like a Monet picnic-er. Here is a fun site about Hats in Paris.

Take one of the last spots on our Paris for The Holidays trip, Dec 21-28 and you will love shopping-seeing. All tours are include, 4 star hotel, many meals and special holiday events. For information: or