Even if you are traveling with others, there might be a time when you go out alone. These tips will help you stay safe.

1. Check street safety in the English language newspaper of your destination. There are many sites with lists of these local papers.
2. Use Google translation to understand news in other languages before you leave.
3. Check not just the US, but also UK, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand Foreign Ministry news reports.

4. If you go out with anyone you do not know extremely well, make them leave their national identity card with contact. Most people are reluctant to depart from their id cards, and this will separate the baddies quickly.
5. Check out your destination with contact from your church, charity, women who will tell you the truth.

6. Talk to cabin staff and women on your flight for excellent information.
7. Do not give out your real last name to anyone you do not know well.
8. If there are no women around, that is a warning to go back to your room/hotel. When in doubt, stand with other women especially if they have children along.
9. Know your map well and do not stand on a corner studying it; rather have a coffee and read it discreetly.
10. Put away your American ebullience. Out of the US, most people are reserved and chattiness from women is a sign of immorality.

These travel safety tips are offered by The Women’s Travel Group at www.thewomenstravelgroup.com, a longstanding tour operator for women’s smart trips.  20 years of tour experience have compiled these and other Travel Tips for Women.

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