Our home in Paris for The Holidays

Our home in Paris for The Holidays

Hotel room in our Paris hotel

Hotel room in our Paris hotel


The big issue with single rooms on tours is the cost. European hotel charge by the room not by the person,making one in a room double price. Some solo women on The Women’s Travel Group trips complain about costs which hotels impose on us. We try to help solo travelers by arranging shares. On India we guarantee them by the way: Nov 11-22 still taking reservations.

Sharing a room can be comfortable. The biggest worry is female idea that we are ‘hostesses’ and need to be chatty when we want quiet time in the room.  Or we need to sit next to our roommate on the bus or at meals. We wonder what sharing a bathroom is like, and what happens if one of us cannot sleep.

There are solutions. Sharing can save up to $1,000 on some trips. Solutions:

Earplugs and tiny night lights weigh nothing, cost little.  Making up a bathroom schedule is like the one you used to post on the refrigerator.  Divvying up phone calls or room charges? Not so hard. Sharing the room key? If women can run for president, we can work that out also. Accommodating your share? We are a group from breakfast through dinner, no one is tied at the hips.

Ask us for more tips on how to share a room if you have special needs.  Call or email, we answer our phone.

Try it, you might make a new friend. Singles are available, fyi but limited on some trips like Paris for Christmas.


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