Phyllis in Ethiopia on our first trip; second trip booking now.

Once you have done the London Paris Rome trip and its clones, why not try a destination with a little sizzle?  Oddly The Women’s Travel Group has found that the more unusual the destination, the faster the tour is full. Here is what we think this trend is about:

Carpe diem first and foremost. As we get older, we realize that some areas might pose issues for us, even if the issue is only confidence in going. We go when we can even if we are on a cruise like our South Africa Game Parks January 2016.

Geo-political changes. We have the perspective of years of travel and as new destinations become tourist friendly, we understand this can be forever or for a window of opportunity. One new place for The Women’s Travel Group to visit is Northern Ireland.

Adventure is a common word in travel marketing. We understand from brochures and sites that adventure does not mean danger. It means off the beaten track or frankly speaking: a poor yet fascinating area.

Fewer choices. In the last few years, our choices of exotic places has dwindled due to weather, politics, war or price.

Price. Exotic travel can be reasonable; more so than more developed areas.

So if you agree with any of all of the above trends, check out some of our more unusual trips: Turkey and Ethiopia are both more than half full. India and Chile with Easter Island are booking. Or if you have discovered a new destination you want us to check out, we are here: