“The trick is not to ride your stomach of butterflies, it is to make them fly in formation”. Cannot remember whose quote this is, but I wrote it down years ago when first traveling. Why? Travel is a learned habit and a glorious one.

New travelers are prone to listening to anxious friends who never go anywhere!  They allow friends to color our wonderful world with visions from CNN and Fox TV. The magnificent scenes of golden temples in Bagan or the mountains behind Marrakech can be erased by others’ so easily.  What happened to the days when we felt swept away by a travel poster?

Yes we know that a first trip solo, or a first overseas trip in any capacity, is daunting. That is why many women prefer group travel. Group travel surrounds each of us, with a familiar wall of familiar voices, yet allows us to be adventurous. Group travel is a safety valve if we lose something, don’t feel perfect one day, or just want our photo taken by a friend. Group travel with other women is instant friendship for the duration of the trip, sometimes beyond. But most of all, group travel is a buffer between staying home and dreaming and actually going. Some of us are soon off to see the Taj Mahal.

Just some encouragement to pursue your dreams from us at The Women’s Travel Group.