IMG_2165Here are a few of us in India we are booking this trip now.

My wonderful friend died of breast cancer years ago.  I still miss her and her travel lust.  Why mention this? Because more of my friends have died of breast cancer than of terrorism. The stats are something like 50 to cancer/ 0 to terrorism.

Why do we freak at the current Belgian headlines? Unexpected events have a greater impact on us than do everyday losses. Next time you are worried, think of how many friends you have lost to illness, drug addiction and suicide. Then think of how many died in terrorism.

The way to stay safe is: Don’t speed on highways to the airport. Do not lift heavy suitcases while standing on a ladder. Do not smoke in the airplane lavatory or anywhere else. Do not eat fatty foods in the departure lounge at McDonalds. Finally don’t call us on your phone while driving.

Heed that advice, and your safety future is excellent.

Join us for smart, sane and safe trips to Iran, India, Tanzania, E Europe and more. (Remember on final thing: in countries like Iran where there is government control, there is LITTLE OR NO TERRORISM).

Travel tips from The Women’s Travel Group. Join Phyllis, our president, to Iran in November and The Yucatan in December.