Have you ever wanted one quiet night on a busy tour? I have and here is what I do besides wash hair and get into jammies.I buy a light dinner from a nearby supermarket. Towards the front where workers buy their lunch one finds.  cheese and fruit cut up already plus  small bottles of wine- get only a screw top.  Supermarkets overseas are often in basement areas of department stores so you need to ask. “Following other people’s bags” is a good way to identify a store or an open air market.

I also watch Netflix on my Ipad! First find out how much your hotel charges for streaming. Overseas  streaming is charged by usage not by time so hotels might charge you more than their daily rate. Then go for it and you will find slightly different movies and tv but many still in English.  Streaming at an airport lounge for Netflix does not seem to matter, fyi. Netflix is growing internationally by the way. And of course bring your passwords!!!!!