Summer brings easy packing with light clothes and no coats, but how do you protect yourself again getting wet? And worse than that, from staying wet! A few ideas from The Women’s Travel Group:

Obvious: bring the tiny umbrellas now on sale. The Container Store has a lot of travel items and a slimline umbrella.

Next pack a few cheap or hotel shower caps and wear under a scarf or baseball cap. Mantra: never leave athe free shower cap in the hotel bathroom, they have many uses.

Thirdly, some non cotton socks will dry faster, so a few pairs are a must.

Shoes with mesh uppers dry faster than full leather. And they are more comfortable in the heat. To dry these safely, you can wrap with newspaper and stuff with same so the paper absorbs the damp and the shoes keep their shape.

The last tip is a choice: a $750 super light Burberry rain coat or a Hefty Bag for rain emergencies? Your choice!

Rainy Travel Tips from The Women’s Travel Group, smart tours for solo women travelers. This summer we are offering two places which are in their dry season: Argentina and Peru.