Here are some new tourist destinations from The Women’s Travel Group,  with novelty but no nerves: good for solo women travelers.

   Cuba: long isolated by US laws, Cuba will eventually be a cruise stop. Go now while the island is still unspoiled, yet friendly to Americans–one of the ironies of history. Our trip is not like others: it is not a specialized art, or medical, or music or dance theme. We combine as many experiences as possible in one week: people to people, art, history, colonial buildings, music, dance and just a tad of crafts. And yes of course that wonderful Cuban food. Here is the itinerary:

Northern Ireland: war torn and dangerous no more! Northern Ireland is now the adjunct trip for tourists to Ireland. The Antrim coastline, UNESCO Heritage spots, combined with history of  “The Troubles” and The Titanic make a few days in the area quite unforgettable. Join us this July for a travel conversation that will go on for a long time. Itinerary coming shortly!

Istanbul: no longer a mere cruise stop, Istanbul has arrived as a global destination and a significant place to spend real time. The jet set is here and you will easily see why: gorgeous skyline of minarets and water, exotic street view of bazaars, fascinating faces, food, fabric, jewelry,shoes and scarves. New areas full of art, similar to gentrified neighborhoods in our urban areas, and so easy to go with our group. Don’t miss a luxury turkish bath with steam that evaporates even your jet lag.  Istanbul our November jaunt.

Stay tuned for  Chile and Easter Island!!! Looking to 2015 from The Women’s Travel Group.