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Since we are all skeptics, here is our take on Tripadvisor and Yelp, and generally travel reviews. Are they to be taken for real? Or are these written by whiney and vindictive people? Yes, if you read through say, Tripadvisor reviews, you can spot idiots who are so rushed in their writing that every other word is a typo.  Here are some things to look for in a travel review:

1- Typos and mis-spellings generally, showing a rushed and spontaneously angry review.

2- Lack of management responses to negative comments.

3- Complaints about pricing which generate low ratings. Maybe the site was great, but the admission was high to the writer?

4- Be wary of a very negative review from someone who has never written any reviews b before; this might again just be one time angry for something not key to you.

5-  Look at the worst reviews only and see when they were written, might be years ago or related to a one time construction/strike or other problem.

Finally wit Yelp, spend the time to read the reviews, these are usually written at the time of using the service/restaurant. They might reflect less editing than Tripadvisor.

The Women’s Travel Group encourages you to use all these review sites when you go through the details of our tours.