We all adore Costco, with its edible tidbits, amazing prices and little surprises. Today the surprise was Melatonin. Which reminded me to talk about other Costco Travel Stuff. Luggage of course but you might do better at Marshalls or TJ Maxx. Snacks for sure: granolas, dried fruit, candy bagged into small lunch able sizes, basically everything you might crave in between meals. Then there is the giant container of zip lock bags- never enough it seems-even if you throw a few empties into your suitcase.

Frederic Fekkai shampoo and conditioner which really does perk up dull airplane hair. Endless moisturizers which you will have to divide into labeled small bottles. (Labeled with amounts from commerical products you bought, so you don’t lose them to the TSA who cannot weigh liquids so they go by labels).

Now selling Melatonin in both 3 and 5 gram sizes makes Costco even more of a go to for pre-travel supplies. PS I like the 5 gram for a better night’s sleep especially after bigger time changes like our Bali and Southeast Asia Tour March 2014. Immodium, but the bottles were so large, they presented themselves as a wicked omen. Especially for those of us traveling solo.

Now the clothes. If you like to wear and leave, Costco offers cotton men’s undershirts-good for sleeping and working out on the road, sweatshirts you can leave behind for someone overseas who really needs it, socks and underwear, same.

And often you will happily discover European food you thought was only available in Italy like Italian tuna or Salted Rosemary crackers.

Travel tips brought to you from The Women’s Travel Group.  PS Would love to know your favorities??