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The Women’s Travel Group  tour of 17 just returned from Ethiopia,an exotic trip we organize. We traveled from well developed Addis Ababa to remote  Arba Minch. Here are some of the instructions which made our trip so successful.

Check altitude of the destination, so you are prepared/and or take it easy the first days. Addis is 8,000 ft.

Do not depend on weather history. Global changes are affecting travel. Normally cool Ethiopia was hotter due to El Nino this year.

It makes sense for us as tour operators to include bottled water for some destinations. You need to drink a lot and easily available water in our vans is most welcome. We supply water on trips like India and Ethiopia.

Pack light. Laundry is available everywhere, even in remote places.

The most primitive places offer food that is safe: always eggs, stews, bread, etc. Even gluten-free veggies these days have little trouble finding meals.

Follow the guide’s instructions especially when visiting primitive tribes. His insight will make visits stress free on both ends.

Do not give money or candy to children! This encourages begging. Do give money to tribal people who pose for you; it is considered a job to festoon for us to photograph.

If you are considering Iran, India, China, Namibia, with us, fear not. We are experienced in travel to exotic destinations, and you will return with an understanding and respect for other lifestyles.

Travel tips from The Women’s Travel Group.  There are more exotic trips online: Morocco, The Yucatan and more. Call us anytime for more information. 646 309 5607.