There are everyday issues which delay travel decisions. There are psychological ones which push us into last minute crushes. Everyday is obvious: house sold, lawsuit settled, health better, stock market up or boss had a good hair day.

But why do some women put off the decision to travel until the last second, pay more and fret longer?


Scared because of newspaper headlines?  We recover from headlines  quickly as soon as the next global crisis or celebrity news hits. Who was talking about anything other than the Pope for days ?

Thinking of redecorating or another budget buster?  What is it that will really be life changing; a sofa or a view into new worlds. A traveler in our group sent us this quote: I will never be the same having seen the other side of the moon.

Your cousin’s  second cousin might be getting married? Who should you spend on?  This is very personal; many of us have little family and relish being together. There are ways to compensate for missing a family event; one is to be honest about why you are traveling.  The other is to be around at other times, not just for the parties.

Tickets to something? Most of us buy tickets to all kinds of events, we do it casually but then angst over giving the tickets away if we cannot go. A ticket is not a chain and ball.

Eternal optimist about Frequent Flier tickets? Get over it.

The worst: the friend cannot decide! That is easy, we go with or without your friend, and can arrange a share often last minute also.

Don’t wait until the last second to join us; airfares usually rise, rooms are not available in our small hotels. You miss out on the fun emotional journey pre-trip.( A note on airfares: in business cities like Paris, Mexico City and Delhi, airfares do not fluctuate much even over holidays).

Still available are a few spots on Dec 21-28 Paris for The Holidays, a possible cabin on Jan 4-17 Game Parks of S. Africa cruise. 2 places on Feb 4-7  Mexico City. Tuscany in April might sound a way off, but again the villa only has 10 rooms with 2 for our guide and chef.

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Whoa, one lady did grab a last minute spot on India Nov 11-22, you go girl.