This Summer, why go where the crowds go, in the heat and humidity or Europe. Try this Hemisphere and fly south to Argentina and Peru, the two most visited countries in S. America. Avoiding crowds but still getting good weather has benefits beyond those you are aware of.

Flights are less crowded, seating easier and staff less harried. Going a bit off season means cheaper hotels and  restaurants that do not need pre-booking. People in the destination have more time to talk with you in shops, and museums and in Argentina are more anxious to give you a deal with US Dollars. Bargaining in peak season is an non starter, but off season, you will get your price down.

The most important loss you have peak season is time. Standing in line for a museum or a taxi costs you precious time you paid for in your trip price.  A 4 hour wait at the Eiffel Tower translates into $250 if you figure a $500 day and half of that is in line! Calculate your time available, the $$ you are paying and choose off season to get what we used to call value for money in the old days. Happy Travels from The Women’s Travel Group