For one who always has advice, this tradegy was hard to foresee. All of my normal hunts would have come up with nothing: local English speaking papers? overseas pundits from the UK, Australian, Canadian foreign ministries did not issue ‘do not go’ warnings. Not even the fact that an Israeli shop was in this mall means it would be targeted.

From what I have read this was an extension of Somali warfare and turf battles. It might be partially due to the fact that the Kenyan army is involved in trying to stabilize chaos and guerilla blackmail in Somalia?

This was not aimed at Americans or tourists in general. As truly, who goes ‘malling’ in Nairobi except for locals. So don’t let the media tell you this was another Jihad against the West until that is proven and substantiated. Just do your due diligence before traveling.

If you see the globe as a Jihadist target and listen to the right wingers, we suggest you stay home, in your jammies and enjoy the next season of Homeland.