Getting up at 4 each morning after our wonderful Sicily trip has its advantages. Between 4-11 you get every chore done with no interruptions. Better yet, you can converse with new travel friends on email as the rest of the group is probably up also!

Don’t fight it, it usually takes an hour a day to evaporate. Taking sleeping pills and/or Melatonin might seem to help but the real segue is lots of water, and just go to sleep at 8/9 get your mighty 8 hours and get up when you have to.

Jet lag is harder going West to East ( ie, US to Europe). One factor is light which disrupts our system as much as the actual hours. At least when we fly home, East to West, we can get to sleep with dark skies. But be aware that everyone in The Women’s Travel Group tour is experiencing the same jet lag

(worse if from California), and we will all feel the same until adjusting. These photos are from our Sicily trip, December 2014.

Join us to South Africa (not much jet lag), and or to Bali and SE Asia. Jet lag does not increase with crossing The International Date Line and going West to Bali will mean you sleep and just wake up early. There is room on this adventure! 4 i palermo groupsiracusa IMG_2496 grouptemple IMG_2483 IMG_2482 farm