Since we are getting many new requests for Ixtapan Spa Discount Week, Feb. 9-16… let’s spell the place right. Many Mexican words have ‘x’ in them, I think the Spanish substituted x for difficult indigenous words they could not pronounce.

Ixtapan de la Sal (Sal being salt) is a mountain village long known as a place with mineral waters and one where affluent Mexicans have weekend homes.  Ixtapa is a beach resort with modern hotels and cruise ships. So if you are planning to come, be aware that we will be in gorgeous mountains in a colonial village, with cool evenings and mainly dry days. We will be driven from Mexico City Airport to the resort together, in modern vans with the full-time English speaking drivers. On arrival, you will be given a bouquet of sweet-smelling flowers.

flowers Fachada Hotel 1-1

The reasons so many women return with us annually are the hotel’s consistency, amazing low priced and excellent food.  How you feel after a week of healthy living and skin and body treatments is the kicker. In your price, you have paid for everything but tips, and extras like shopping for silver jewelry, margaritas.

Unlike most health resorts, Ixtapan does have “the other stuff”….coffee, butter (on request), a bar, many menu choices in both the spa restaurants and regular restaurants.

So, ladies, it is Ixtapan Spa, and space is still available at this point.

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