Before you buy a guidebook for your next trip, consider the author / authors!

Who wrote it? Man or woman? US or non US? How old is the author? Where do they live?

—Women will be more conscious of our needs and might include more informal information about lifestyles and markets.

—If a different generation than you, are you happy with their choices of must see’s and must eats? (exception Lets Go Guides from Harvard, written by juniors and seniors but full of deals and interesting sidelights).

—US or non-US? This is key in hotel evaluations as Americans generally are more into luxury, room sizes, bathrooms and creature comforts.

—Do they live in the locale?¬† What is the reason they were chosen to write this book? If they live there, a warning is they will NOT divulge insider restaurants. They would¬† ruin these places for themselves. (I know that from when I wrote chapters for a US guidebook while living in London).

When traveling solo or with friends at The Women’s Travel Group, we do send a reading list and guide book suggestions. Join us on a wonderful trip with smart tips and smart trips.