Arthur Frommer is back at the helm of his travel book empire which inspired many of us to travel to “Europe on $5 a day”. Yes, I did and (except for inevitable shopping) did Madrid on $5 a day and lodged and ate pretty well.

Frommer, long ‘a friend’ of The Women’s Travel Group and supporter of women travelers, is the owner once again of 340 excellent guides and other travel books. With Pauline, his charming and delightfully smart daughter, Frommer offers books that enhance your experience while being honest about safety, value, and trends.

Another Octogenarian, feminist leader Gloria Steinem,  will celebrate her 80th birthday tomorrow by going to Botswana! So if you are worried that your travel days are over because you are 60?70? even 80? think again. Stay in good shape, expect some challenges, laugh through them with a company from our fun group. Do not expect to get anything on $5 a day, but join us solo or with friends to Sicily for Christmas Markets or India for festivals worth every penny of your travel budgets.

Encouragement and friends brought to you from The Women’s Travel Group.