Do we all fit the image of ‘happy family with turkey and gifts under the tree”? Or are you with no family, and friends who invite you because you make a great cake? You are not an oddball; we hear this all the time.

No matter what your religion, going away for Christmas removes you from the intensity, memories, and obligations of the season.  Leaving home and family, if you have any, means more than ‘taking a trip’.  It is a form of refreshing independence.  We hope you join us for Paris. However whatever you do, avoid the following:

Making excuses to family. Just say you earned this trip!

Don’t feel bad about not cooking  this year. It is someone else’s turn.

Feeling blue about family and friends you miss. Remove yourself from your memories for a new memory and one with fun, excitement and new friends in the same situation.

Bring $100 and treat yourself: in Paris at the big department stores near our hotel, there will be plenty to tempt you. Sales start Dec 26 and the Euro is low low. Cur

Go the bar of our charming hotel at least once and order a glass of champagne, any kind will whisper: a new way to celebrate.

Join any holiday trip and hopefully ours to Paris with all its special events. A few spots are left, here is the information: Paris for the Holidays Dec 21-28, 2015

Share this with friends who want a pick me up French style.  Phyllis Stoller from The Women’s Travel Group