I must admit I am not much of a cruiser but the headlines about Carnival’s ship and the Costa crash last year (also a Carnival subsidiary) are real turn offs. At least a river cruise floats near the shore, allows you to have a stroll when docked in towns, and has small numbers of passengers. We hope to add a Christmas Markets river cruise if we can secure the space for end November 2013. Keep in touch with us for future updates.

Quick questions to pose before you book:

Exactly where does the ship dock? Central location? Near Public Transportation?
Is there planned meal seating? How awkward is it to change if you are stuck with awful people?  Can you get room service for a meal you wish to miss?   Does the in cabin TV broadcast in English?   How often does the ship make loud public announcements?

Is there smoking on board ( smoking means a European crowd buys this trip).