The Women’s Travel Group goes to Argentina today.

Hour 1 Read heavy-duty stuff you have been avoiding then throw out the magazines. My heavy-duty is The New York Review of Books.
Hour 2 Bring junk literature you love but are ashamed to buy. Like the female version of drinking from a brown paper bag.  Movie Star gossip is the best here.
Hour 3 Eat as slowly as possible, finishing with your airplane treat. If you plan to drink alcohol, add in lots of water also.  When you go to the bathroom, bring your valuables with you. Count your carry on items so you can recount them before disembarking. ( I finish with a semi-bad semi-good treat). MIne is Trader Joe’s trail mix with peanut butter bits.
Hour 4 Start with the guidebook, work it so you know exactly what you will do in free time.
Hour 5-9 Close your eyes and keep them closed even if you are not tired. Shuteye is good to refresh your pupils. Listen to classical music from the earphones, music with no words is best for relaxing.
Hour 10 Eat, maybe again or start on your second treat which should approximate breakfast, cereal is a good idea as most planes will have milk onboard.
Hour 11 Make sure you are well awake so you do not forget anything on board.

In between, watch the awful movie which the airline has chosen for average age: 6 years old.

My secret stuff: a LL Bean pillow, nibbles, NY review of books, iPad, Lonely Planet guidebook and a lot of patience.

Join our women’s tour to India and try some of my airplane scheduling.