Here is a way to experiment with an on-line search for airline tickets. I needed a ticket to Pisa for our Italian Cooking Tour March 29-April 5, 2014. Pisa is not a major airport but it is served by British Airways an American Airlines code share in One World.  I searched first on American as I am a fflyer and prefer to have the miles added there.  AA schedules with British Airways,  so I could get there easily on the site but could not find a flight backto fit a group transfer from the Italian villa we booked.

Next I looked at which is like a British Expedia or Orbitz.  I looked at BA’s site and told it I was in the UK not US. There appeared the BA flight I needed.

How I got my ticket:

Booked American JFK-London-Pisa/ returning London-JFK. Separately I booked a one way BA flight Pisa to London! And if you put your American ff number into BA, you also get priority benefits. Warning: your ticket on BA will be in foreign currency so add an exchange fee to what you think you are paying. Warning No. 2 Note BA charges for luggage so we suggest you pay for the class of seat that includes luggage. Warning No. 3 No seat assignments available until 24 hours before the flight but as AA fflyers I have often gotten preferred seating on BA also.

Sorry all that the Italy Cooking Trip is sold out but stay tuned to next departure. In the meantime other winter vacations for women are on Most have no single supplement so are perfect for solo women and singles’ travel