If you are planning on purchasing your own ticket for one of our trips, we are happy to help you. Here are a few details to keep in mind. Even though a destination may be written out as say Mexico City, it might be a nearby airport like Toluca. The key is the airport code which is  not always obvious. Lets take the Mexico City example. Toluca is an exurb of Mexico City and some airlines which do not fly into the capital will say Mexico City as the city but use TLC correctly as the code. MEX is the code for the major international airport in Mexico City.

If you are trying to get on the same flights as we recommend, check the airport code, then check the flight number and the airline initials. The flight number is the key!  Here is an airline reservation with explanations of what each item actually is:

 1 DL which is Delta  799 which is the flight number T ignore this symbol —date of departure 03DEC W ignore also—  BOSJFK Boston to NY-JFK   this might be your class of service as in economy. refundable economy etc. HK1 —  730P leaving time which is 7:30PM and arrival which is 8:50PM  850P
The key features are your name as on your passport, your airline, flight number, departure and arrival times with any notation that you arrive a different day from when you leave.
 The Women’s Travel Group is always ready to help you decipher this gibberish. If you are going to Sicily with us, then Laure our agent will book your ticket for you. Join us solo or with a friend, but take one of the last spots on Sicily or other Autumn trips.





LV Time you leave

NYC Kennedy obviously the airport from which you are leaving

AR Time you arrive and it usually says +1 which means the next day.