Travel tips from The Women’s Travel Group:

Numero uno is the adapter you left in the bathroom wall. You took the phone but left the adaptor. Numero 2 is your washcloth. You packed it, because most non Americans do not use washclothes. Now it is left hanging in the shower.

Then your pajamas, not totally your fault but if you leave your night clothes on an unmade bed. they can disappear into the laundry.

You forgot the amenities for a ‘rainy day’, as you were waiting to see if you could cram more into your suitcase. Same with the gifts you bought last night.

Alarm clock on the end table, gone. But the good news is you might find someone else’s.

Here is a checklist before you leave your hotel room:

Empty safe especially around the back and under the felt bottom.

Look in all drawers and under the bed. If carpet is dark, use your flashlight to find something like a dark sock.

Check the closet and anything hanging in an unlit corner.

Inspect each electrical power outlet for adaptors.

Look behind the shower curtain for washed or wet things.

Pull back the bedding and look again.

Check around bottom of end tables.

Go over your personal list of valuables, medicine, earrings.

Here is your acronym. GGIIMMPP


Join The Women’s Travel Group on a trip to Italy, Ireland or elsewhere this Spring and Summer. And remember your GGIIMMPP.