——–Do not go where the crowds go or risk overbooking and overpricing. Try new destinations

——–Do not eat what you would at home! This risks feeling homesick and family deprived.
——–Do not shop for others; this is your time to pamper yourself, not others.
——–Do not spend Dec. 25 in a place where everything is closed.
——–Do not stay in your room, walk around town, hang out at a restaurant or the hotel public spaces.

——–Research ahead of time for walking tours given on holidays ( they exist even in religious countries).

——–Look for concerts given in churches or other interesting places. They can be free or at a minimal entry cost.

——–Check out what is happening at other hotels besides your own.

——–Look up the English language paper of the area you are in, and see what else might be going on.

——–See if there is an American Women’s Club locally and what they are doing if anything at the holidays.

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