One of the best aspects of our group is its multi-cultural one. On The Women’s Travel Group trips, we get to meet women from different backgrounds, and different geographic areas. We have even had some women from further afield. You might enjoy hearing about some of the women I have had the privilege of traveling with recently:they are every background, every ethnic group, every age:

Names changed to protect the ‘innocent’.

xx from Florida turned 80+ in Delhi last year! What a gal.

xx and xx two African American sisters from different states had their reunion with us at Ixtapan Spa.

xx a Texas oil executive cooked with us in Italy.

xx California doctor crossed Northern India with us in October.

xx Psychiatrist from NJ enjoyed her stay in Mexico.

xx Banker from Nigeria, living in NY traveled several times.

xx Mother/daughter from NY will be going to Turkey in November and we know them from years of traveling.

xx Indian-Canadian met up with us in February.

xx and me? I am half Jewish and half Wasp, but all traveler.

So wee are the Benetton of travel for women–all backgrounds all colors!

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to women of our world. We hope to meet you on a trip soon, or at least have a chance to chat.

Join us to Ireland this Summer or Turkey this Autumn (Turkey is half full).