Of course I read every travel brochure which hits my mailbox. Today we received a tour wrapped into our New York Times.

Headlined: 9-Day Exclusive Tour * * * * *

The hotel page of the tour brochure sets the five stars in a gold highlighted rectangle entitled PURE LUXURY * * * * * as five stars.

But read further, ladies!

The hotels are then listed as 3*, 3* and 4*. Admittedly the cost is dirt cheap but as they say in the movies: cheap is cheap. And the tossing around of gold starsĀ  and the word ‘luxury’ is blatantly misleading.

Before you buy into any brochure speak, read, double check items on your favorite review sites.

We suggest you look at all our Morocco for Christmas and The Holidays’ hotels on line, you will love them. And no single supplement for solo travelers unless you wish.

Shame on the Times for endorsing this ad.