Travel gifts to buy for yourself while quarantined, or housebound or limited. All are available on line.

Longchamps carry on bag in a dark but ‘cool’ color. If you buy in a dutyf free shop, you pay a bit less $145 vs $120?. Choose the  style that has handles long enough to put over your shoulder. That style in its smallest incarnation cannot be locked ( a good idea if you sleep on the plane). Best prices are going to be when currencies are low compared to the US: Mexico City for our Mexico trips, any Euro denominated country like France or Italy for our trips there. Some duty free shops carry knock off’s; therefore be aware. You can also buy these on line at: Bloomingdales and many other stores.

a travel  gift to buy for yourself is a Longchamps bag.

Travel gifts for yourself are a pick me up and let you dream about your next trip.

In the photo here,  you see my bag with a leather tab and metal zipper pull. Have an awl? Make a small hole in the tab, then lock the bag using the metal tag’s empty spaces for the lock.  

Longchamps bags do not all have locks; make one yourself. Buy one as a travel gift for yourself

A really big treat is the new style which I did not buy but gave to a close friend for a really special birthday. This one is from Bloomingdales $250ish. It folds over, locks and is perfect for carry on clothes we recommend if your luggage is delayed. This bag is hard to carry as it has a large strap; however it does the trick as a gift to buy for yourself!

A comfy travel pillow to use on the plane and in a hotel where you do not like the pillows. (First ask the Front Desk for softer or harder or non down pillows). Begin at a travel store, but compare with what you find in a camping store. Camping pillows are sometimes more packable and more like a real pillow. You might have to read reviews on line to assure you like the depth and feel as described by others. Pillows should be washable and in bright colors so you don’t leave them on the airplane seat. During the post virus period, this pillow purchase is a must.

Really comfortable leggings, probably from a pricey line like Eileen Fisher-Wolford is truly too indulgent for leggings ( my opinion only).  These should be snug at the ankles so when you go to an airplane toilet, bottoms do NOT touch the bathroom floor. Negatives are that leggings usually don’t have pockets and that some take a long time to dry. The only time we don’t recommend leggings is in very conservative countries or where leggings might feel hot.

Now here is the big one: An iPad or similar. There are a million reasons to treat yourself if you take long flights. I like the mini for movies downloaded from Netflix (airlines will eventually downgrade/even eliminate movies), save screen shots of travel documents, download free walking tours you can study in your room, use the free mirror or flashlight apps, read books and guidebooks, add your favorite magazines to Apple news for articles for free. $$$ depending on storage.

Lock it up in the room safe when you go out. And do not leave it on your seat in the plane when you leave it. Finally, have a password protection.

Lastly a Swiss Card The simplest one works for all kinds of emergencies. Excellent tweezer, scissors, nail file, measuring tool, awl etc. It is about the size of a thick credit card. (It is unclear if you can carry it on so pack it). $16-40, depending on where you buy it and how many tools you want.

Treat Yourself Ladies, and go shopping for yourself, from The Women’s Travel Group. Information on Upcoming trips:click here. To contact us: here, or or 646 309 5607

What are your favorite travel treats while you are home-stuck?