Read all the scare stories about crowds and overbooking.
(You can easily avoid nerves by getting to the airport early, snack in hand and patience in the brain).
Pack a 40lb carry on bag and expect airline staff to help you hoist it overhead.
(With¬† fashionable leggings, down jackets and comfy walking shoes, who needs this much stuff anymore. Electronic books and mini-computers should be on your personal ‘I want’ gift list this year).
Do not check the weather the night before you leave.
(Airlines do not care if you are late due to weather and they will still give away your seat if you are check-in or arrive at the gate later than procedures: 30 for check-in and 15 for the gate for domestic flights on Delta, as an example).

Wander in the airport when your flight is late due to a mechanical or other issue (Airlines might leave as soon as the issue is resolved and this could be before the anticipated new time. Wandering can mean you miss the flight if it leaves early and you did not check-in baggage).

Travel with your best jewelry and wear it to avoid loss. ( Some precious metals set off TSA machines: platinum, very heavy gold for instance. You will need to remove this jewelry and put it in a little plastic box for re-scanning while you are placed away from your goodies).

Still want to get away for the Holidays: check out of Morocco for Christmas with no single supplement for solo women travelers, and make new memories. The Women’s Travel Group wishes you a healthy and most of all peaceful holiday.