We all have some irritating habits and there are 5 travelers must get rid of in order to have the best trip.
1- Second guessing the guide: guides take travelers all the time, truly they know best when it comes to doing their job.

2-Overpacking and asking others to help: if you must bring your rock collection…. do not expect others in our group to help you carry it

3-Always being late: we are a pretty punctual group of women, but from time to time we need to chase someone up. If you are a habitual latecomer, we will still love you but we just might leave you. Everyone gets a day for an emergency lateness, but not every day.

4- Treadmill shopping: we all bring back something from each trip, but those of you who want to shop til WE drop, think again. There is time if this fits you, but you might have to go it alone while we enjoy the country.

5-And the last: criticizing the country you visit, the world is a varied place and each culture deals with its problems and challenges differently. Listen with an open mind, and you might come home with new sensibilities.

Whoever you are, we welcome you to The Women’s Travel Group! Morocco for Thanksgiving, Mexico for relaxation, Bali for your spirit, Africa for your soul.


The more I traveled the more I realized that fear makes strangers of peope who should be friends. Shirley MacLaine.