Traveling with a full wallet is pretty dumb.

Over and over we see women at The Women’s Travel Group open their wallet bursting with papers and pictures. Here are 5 dangerous items solo women travelers should remove from their wallets:

1- Medicare or other with a SS number on it and that includes your and your husband’s medical cards. If necessary photocopy it and cut off the last four digits.
2- Credit cards for stores that do not even exist were solo women are traveling.
3- Tiny papers with passwords in women travelers’ ‘codes’
4- A personal check not usable overseas (well in some countries with exchange controls vendors will take it for their overseas accounts)
5- Voter’s card (yes we see this all the time and what are you going to do with it on vacation)????

Don’t make it easy for others to create a profile of you and rip you off. Before traveling as a solo woman or in a women’s travel group, clean out your wallet and then your brain. And join our tours to be part of a women’s group that watches over each other.

On our Morocco tour, we include extra time in the souks with a guide so you can shop until you drop and have someone along to help.