You do not have to be afraid of flying to meet up with a Women’s Travel Group trip. We are happy to coordinate you with others. If you live in the West and we are going to Europe or you live in the East and are going to Asia, you might want this service even more.  We have several alternatives:


Meet up in the city of departure. On our Cuba trip, we meet up in Miami the night before and have our orientation at an airport hotel. This is key as you must get on that charter flight to Havana or you risk losing your whole trip. We have insurance for that kind of loss, but who wants to miss Cuba.  For Sicily, many of us are meeting in Rome either in town or at the Airport Hilton- attached to the airport.  In both cases, you have the comfort of knowing you will be with others immediately.

Second alternative is adding a day pre-tour. For our Italian luxury Villa Cooking and Sightseeing trip, we recommend that you fly to Pisa by a specific time. If you wish, you may also come a day early and meet us at the hotel in Pisa w choose. Last year 3 of us met up in Heathrow Airport next to Starbucks in Terminal 5 and flew together to Pisa. Ask for our help when you decide to come.

Finally there is the easy, everyone is picked up individually: this is the case in India and Canyon Ranch, Morocco plus Ixtapan Spa. In each case, we take your transportation information, double check it and meet you at the destination.

Fear of Flying Alone is pretty common, a little encouragement and help on our end might get you our of your armchair. Feel free to email or call during office hours.