Too many shoes! Only take one pair that never ever hurt no matter how much you walk or how swollen your feet get. And one light pair for dinner wear.

Big bottles of shampoo and/or conditioner. Hair will recover in 2 shampoos when you get home. Take small bottles of conditioner but label them so you don’t slather your face with a hair product because you forgot what you packed

Books: yikes are we not over this yet? Book worms learn to use electronic devices for the sake of the weight. Tear out pages of your guidebook for the actual places you are going to.

Big old heavy suitcases, and usually these are the most expensive ones you bought. Try some of the lighter brands and scout discount stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall for bargains. Avoid black for quicker identification.

A ‘carry your rock collection’ purse. Instead use a fanny pack for valuables and a light weight over the shoulder or rucksack type for your water bottle, maps, and everyday stuff. And ps dump the heavy coins before traveling.

Lessen your travel burdens and lessen your anxiety. Especially if you are traveling solo, you want to be in control of your important possessions and less is more control.

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