DumbestĀ  things women do on airplanes:

——-Put on makeup as the plane is descending; so they do not listen to instructions.

——-Expect others to help them with their carry on suitcases and paper shopping bags. This is the worst when the airplane is coming back from a shopping destination.
——-Hide extra carry on on their laps under a blanket.
——-Wear platform shoes and skinny jeans- bad for circulation and evacuation if need be.
——-Spritz themselves with perfume or slather on perfumed creams.
——-Eat endlessly: salty crunchy “health snacks” then lick their fingers.

Most of all: leave their huge carry on ‘purses’ unlocked when they climb over them to get to the bathroom.

Yes, I have seen all of this and admit, I do bring snacks myself.

Joilargepursen The Women’s Travel Group to Argentina ( last minute for one more) or India which Fox TV calls “Trip of a Lifetime for Women”