The Women’s Travel Group just came back from the most marvelous cooking and sightseeing trip to Tuscany. Each day we cooked and ate what we created. Each afternoon we visited a famous Italian town: Lucca, Siena, Florence, San Gimignano plus several olive oil, chocolate and wine tasting venues.  Tuscan food uses mainly olive oil, sofrito (garlic, onion, carrots finely minced), rosemary, and tomato. Desserts have much orange and chocolate and less sugar than Americans are used to.

The overall experience was close to perfect as our villa is a luxury, enormous one with 11 private bedrooms each with a luxury bathroom, several sitting areas, tv’s, two farmhouse dining areas and views to gasp for.   Here are 3 things to consider if booking a cooking trip like this:

You must have some sightseeing to walk off your food. Our trip also included wines at lunch and dinner and Prosecco twice daily. It helps if you can drink the water from the tap which we could.

You need aprons as making pasta is messy with flour flying around. We also had a laundry room which is an excellent idea also, and costs nothing. Our aprons were fun with a map of Italy.

Finally the chef should eat with you so you learn more and get to know the country through local people. We had a private chef plus a tour escort who was also an architect, ideal for visiting towns with her.

We will be publishing a cookbook of what we learned: tagliateli, ravioli, panna cotta, artichoke risotto, and much more.  Join our next Italy trip: Dec. 4-12 to Sicily and Christmas Markets. As with this trip, no single supplements….and ideal for solo travel.


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