Just back from speaking at The Times Travel Show where we had a chance to chat with many of you.

We thought you might want to hear these comments. Here are some of the outrageous misconceptions about women’s travel I heard during the panel discussions.  It is 2014 folks!

One operator said they see a large increase in women booking their luxury package tours. This was evidenced in more requests for triples and quad rooms. What woman pays for a luxury tour and then asks for a quad room? Not since college….
Second insane comment: We (meaning the tour company) are not interested in attracting solo women travelers. Our hotels will not negotiate better prices for solo paying the single supplement. What large tour company does not negotiate every $dollar they can on hotel prices?
Third and sadly always heard: Solo women travelers continue to be called single women. Heh out there, some married women actually do also travel solo.

Thought you smart women out there would cringe also. www.thewomenstravelgroup.com