The scene in Havana this morning was deeply poignant for us who remember Castro at the UN, then Castro reviled. If you were old enough, you also remember practicing at school for a nuclear attack, crouching under school desks. In NY we wore dog tags with our name, address, age and religion like combattants in war.

If you are of a certain age, you will remember when Vietnam was our enemy, China, a mysterious megalith, South Africa hateful, Colombia  dangerous, and Cuba inhumane. Perhaps this is a good segue to why we choose certain new destinations and why we are  traveling to Iran August 2016.

When politics mesh with people, lives are hurt often destroyed. We women can insert ourselves into this equation as informal ambassadors, opening doors through tourism. Women can communicate  concern for other families in a way politicians cannot.

Join Phyllis to Iran, India, Turkey and elsewhere, as part of The Women’s Travel Group and as our informal diplomacy. You will be fascinated. You might change our world. Celebrate Holiday season with Parisians in Paris, you will feel more at home than you thought. And of course, Travel Insurance is available—- professional assessment of safety.