• Fighting with New Electronic Devices While Traveling

    I just spent a wonderful holiday weekend, perfect until I tried to use a new computer. I kept getting messages about keychain passwords  and messages crowded the screen. So what is to be learned from an admittedly electronic novice about this nightmare?

    The easy stuff i

    s that you only need an adaptor  out of the US.  Electronic devices are manufactured to charge on different types of electricity. DC is stronger than what we are used to in the US, so your device will charge faster.…

  • A Three Act Play for Widows and Others on a first Solo Trip

     Please share this with your friends; you might be doing them a great favor. www.thewomenstravelgroup.com  has written a Three Act Play for a First Solo Trip for Widows and Others who lost a partner.

    Act One

    Not interested, worried about finances, unable to concentrate on one owns needs. Want to get away from friends, who look with care and underlying pity. Need a vacation from paperwork and loneliness. Need companions to travel with, who are ‘companions to travel with’ not just family or a friend doing you a favor.…

  • Never Eat these 10 No No’s Overseas

    There are certain no no’s if you wish to travel to more exotic places and NOT get sick. This blog post might sound too conservative but why lose your hard earned money and days on a trip when you get sick?

    1. Shell fish, unless you are in a fine restaurant adjacent to the sea!
    2. Fish on weekends or after holidays. In some countries, fish is not delivered on weekends, Mondays or holidays….your fish will be old.
    3. Cut up fruit cocktail, not everyone washes hands when cutting fruit.
  • Today our Yucatan Group Departs-Tips for Mexico

    Today our Yucatan Group Departs-Tips for Mexico

    Here are a few smart tips for travel to Mexico with The Women’s Travel Group or anyone else.

    Bring $100 in singles, the peso is 19 to a dollar making the dollar king in Mexico. Bring unmarked bills, hopefully new from your bank’s teller.

    Contact your phone company, ATT for instance now includes Mexico for free. But you need to call ATT and put that option on your service. Others charge a small fee, again you need to ask for it or you will be charged roaming.…

  • Traveling Abroad in the Trump Era

    Traveling Abroad in the Trump Era


    Whatever your politics, you might worry about the image of Americans with Trump as President. During the 60’s the Dollar was king, the elite traveled; Americans were new rich tourists aka The Ugly Americans. During the 70’s we stayed in hostels  flyew on charter flights. If it was Tuesday it was Belgium. In the 80’s we flooded Europe and SE Asia many with first passports. In the 90’s overseas travel started in college with junior years abroad. 2000’s tourists went to new countries in Eastern Europe, did volunteer tourism and adult study programs.…

  • Do Newspapers Think we are all Millionaires?

    Comment from The Women’s Travel Group Articles about travel gear inevitably list ultra luxury items. The NYTimes just wrote about Beauty Picks for Summer Travel:
    Simple Micellar Makeup Removers: $799
    Charcoal Eye Mask $23
    Clay Volumizing Brow and Hair Powder $25
    Dior Addict Lip Glow $33
    Chanel Parfum Spray $98
    Sephora Vacation Lipstick $42

    Here are The Women’s Travel Group’s  Best Picks for Summer Travel:

    Ziplock Bags 25c and bring lots of them

    Trader Joe’s Moisturizer with SPF15  $3.99

    Shampoo from any hotel $0  You can repair hair in 2 shampoos when you get home

    Vaseline $2

    Small duct tape $4

    Ricki’s Beauty Supply root crayon and other cover ups $7-15


  • The perfect  travel group size?

    The perfect travel group size?







    Italy always 8-9 to fit into our farmouse.




    We are often asked How Large are Your Groups? It is hard to answer when our groups range from 6-21 and often fall in the middle of those numbers. But here are a few comments about group size we have tracked for 23 years.

    21 has to be the max. Why? We have found that with 21 women in a group, everyone makes 2-5 new friends and everyone has a meaningful conversation with everyone else during the trip.…

  • Use GGIIMMPP in your hotel room

    Travel tips from The Women’s Travel Group:

    Numero uno is the adapter you left in the bathroom wall. You took the phone but left the adaptor. Numero 2 is your washcloth. You packed it, because most non Americans do not use washclothes. Now it is left hanging in the shower.

    Then your pajamas, not totally your fault but if you leave your night clothes on an unmade bed. they can disappear into the laundry.

    You forgot the amenities for a ‘rainy day’, as you were waiting to see if you could cram more into your suitcase.…

  • 2 Worst Moments on a Trip

    What do you think are the two worst moments on your trip? Here is our experience at The Women’s Travel Group:
    First and Earliest: The luggage carrousel comes around for the last time and your stuff is not on it. 99.99% of all suitcases are delivered within 2 days. Even when BA’s computer crashed and all Heathrow bags were waylaid, our group in India had suitcases within 48 hours. A total loss is an extreme rarity. Today’s news is new suitcases with tracking devices embedded.…

  • Wifi or Die

    Wifi is our new lifeline. Way back it was whether our stockings would snag on the plane, then it was bringing your own toilet paper, then air conditioning became the must. Now it is wifi.

    Some hints about wifi

    Turn off your ‘roaming’ to avoid potentially huge charges. You can leave your phone on if you expect a handful of important calls. Most carriers will not charge crazily for a 1-2 minute call. You can also subscribe for a specific time period of calls in another country if you need this service.…


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