• Post Pandemic Super Cheap Celebration Trip

    Post Pandemic Super Cheap Celebration Trip

    Make your post pandemic super cheap celebration trip happen with The Women’s Travel Group.

    Can’t afford an airline upgrade? Buy a day pass to the private airline club and enjoy the ambiance.

    Research the best chocolate shop in Paris: Patrick Roger.   Drop by for a chunk on our Paris trip where we also stay in a Royal Palace!

    Paris budget celebration post pandemic trip

    Down a split of French champagne (two small glasses). Supermarkets in Paris sell it; here is our favorite.

    Post Pandemic Travel Budget champagne shopping in Paris with the Women's Travel Group
    Your home for Bubbly and More

    Never had a massage?…

  • No More Peacocks on Planes

    No More Peacocks on Planes

    No more pets on planes or peacocks in the middle seat. The Department of Transportation determined that planes are not required to recognize emotional support animals (ESA’s) as service animals. In future only dogs that fit under the seat in front of you are flyable. No peacocks, ponies or other large four legged friends. Simplifying:  this means that if you bring a dog on a plane you will need to pay a fee. ESA’s were free of charge.  Service animals for instance for the blind are regulated differently.…

  • Change Your Life with Travel Thank You’s

    Change Your Life with Travel Thank You’s

    Change your life with Travel and be even more Thankful.

    Day of the Dead, Mexico.

    At midnight, our group boarded a small boat to the island of Patzcuaro.  On the island thousands of locals decorated family graves. If a tailor, relatives put buttons or favorite foods.  If a farmer, corn or a tool. Families silently re-connected with ancestors while we watched in awe. We spent all night fascinated by the deep joy of this Pre-Hispanic tradition. At dawn, we returned to our colonial hotel, thankful for witnessing an ancient tradition touching our modern hearts.

  • Too much TV; not enough Boomer Women’s Travel

    Too much TV; not enough Boomer Women’s Travel

    Admit it, you watch television more than before the pandemic. And you probably begin earlier, say around 5PM? Every other ad tells you, that seniors are needy, forgetful, have skin problems and are too frail to push a swing or stir cake batter.  Your hair is falling out and your glow is gone. Moreover you sweat too much and your jeans are too tight. Too much TV and not enough travel.

    Do not give in to marketing telling you who you are. …

  • Boomers Busted

    Boomers Busted

    Aren’t we Boomers Busted, and sick and tired of being home???  Boomers are not traveling and are told every day to be afraid. We are looked upon as future nursing home residents. We are warned a mask is not sufficient; we must self isolate and remain lonely.. We are bombarded with sad even frightening images on television which are timed to be seen by non working (ie retired) viewers. The iconic scare ad is still streamed: it is the I’m falling and I can’t get up?…

  • A Senior Flyer with Pre-existing Conditions?

    A Senior Flyer with Pre-existing Conditions?

    Let’s start with who she is: a senior flyer with pre existing conditions, along plus a yen for travel. She liked adventure so much that she left a solid finance job and started The Women’s Travel Group in 1992. This person is me ad I have two pre existing conditions. In fact, my 2 pre x conditions are fewer than most of you have.

    The two pre existing conditions are my two sons. They are in their 40’s living comfortable safe lives with good families and good jobs.…

  • Jerry Seinfeld and Dead Travel?

    Jerry Seinfeld and Dead Travel?

    Jerry Seinfeld posted an Op Ed in the New York Times called “So You Think New York is ‘Dead’?. Travel is not dead either. Read on.   He disparages people who left New York for Florida. He is short on those who say they will live remotely.  He sees New York’s future through its energy, attitude and personality. He is the optimistic travelers should listen to.

    How does this opinion piece translate to travel?

    Women's Travel in Ixtapan Mexico. Travel not dead there either.

    During this pandemic, we sat at home, baked, watched TV, zoomed, shopped on line and cleaned.…

  • London Bridge Closed

    London Bridge Closed

    Why is London Bridge Closed to Americans despite our automatic visas?   We were the darlings of tourism post WW2? Now even London, our bestie, is closed to us. 116 foreign countries allow U.S. citizens in with a passport, according to PassportIndex.org. Things have change with Covid. Example: entry used to be automatic from The UK. Now Americans have a 14 day shelter in place quarantine and are invited in for essential travel only.

    Logo for the official UK Border Patrol site for women's travel to London

    What is a visa? How will it change your travels?…

  • Your First Pandemic Vacation

    Your First Pandemic Vacation

    What does your first pandemic vacation feel like? I just took 5 days off and traveled to a new location, stayed at a hotel, ate in restaurants, played golf, walked in parks and on a beach. I was able to chat with others at a distance or behind a mask and by Day 2 it all came together: We can do this and enjoy it. 

    Here is what I found:

    Every place had hand sanitizer and it was used!…

  • Why Let the Government Spy  on You?

    Why Let the Government Spy on You?

    It is July 4, let’s be patriotic and let the government spy on us. Here is one practical reason to let the government spy on you. You should get Global Entry now.  Global Priority is a popular program that allows travelers coming home from overseas  to re-enter the United States on an expedited basis.  You fill out copious forms on line and email them.  One of the hard ones for me personally is to list every country visited and when visited. Be prepared. …

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