• Shopping and Travel: Make it Meaningful not Material

    Shopping and Travel: Make it Meaningful not Material

    Crafts are irresistible for irregular stitching, clay work, glass opaqueness and utility. There are area for pricey crafts: Scandinavia with elegant minimalism. There are areas where some crafts are dime a dozen: China. There are areas where prices are low and items cute: India. Finally, there is Morocco, where crafts are so well-made and different, it is hard to resist.  Many items sold internationally are actually from Morocco.

    Photo from Morocco Tourist Authority
    Photo from Morocco Tourism Authority
    Photo from Morocco Tourism Authority

    On The Women’s Travel Group trips, we do not offer shopping per se; we combine shopping with cultural experiences.…

  • Welcome to a 1st Exotic Trip

    Welcome to a 1st Exotic Trip

    How To Prepare for Your First Exotic Trip: The Women’s Travel Group.

    This photo of Marrakech from Morocco Tourism Office

    April 7-20 2019 The Women’s Travel Group offers Morocco and  we have a few spots left: from sophisticated Mediterranean coast (Casablanca, Rabat, Fez etc.) over the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara Oasis of Marrakech. From Roman towns to tribal villages. From rolling hills to snow capped mountains.

    If you have never traveled outside of North America and Europe, this is a perfect first exotic trip.…

  • Don’t Get Fried by Your Phone

    Don’t Get Fried by Your Phone

    Our June Tour Goes to Kenya and Madagascar

    Don’t get fried next time you travel out of the country. Overseas electrical current is different from that of the US and Canada. Plug sizes and shapes are also different, and the amount of electricity that enters your devices is different.

    Adaptor vs. Converter  In the old days, women packed hairdryers as hotels did not supply them. Fastidious women brought travel irons. Today hotels almost universally offer hairdryers. Some have an iron in the closet or, on demand, from the Front Desk.…

  • Horror: The Airplane Bathroom

    No one likes to talk about how horrible airplane bathrooms can be. They are small and according to Bloomberg, they are getting smaller.  They are airless. They are dirty after a long flight.  Soap, toilet paper and even water can be gone.  Some are so small that disabled women or larger

    women cannot use them. On some American flights, says Bloomberg, the bathroom is only 22.1 inches across at the passenger’s chest level when seated. 

    So what is the best way to deal with this nasty necessity.…

  • Gifts to buy for yourself

    Gifts to buy for yourself

    Longchamps carry on bag in a dark but ‘cool’ color. If you buy in a duty free shop, you pay a bit less $145 vs $120?. Choose the  style that has handles long enough to put over your shoulder. That style in its smallest incarnation cannot be locked ( a good idea if you sleep on the plane and don’t know your seat mate). Best prices are going to be when currencies are low compared to the US: Mexico City for our Mexico trips, any Euro denominated country like France or Italy for our trips there.…

  • What I learned when caught in a dangerous riot

    What I learned when caught in a dangerous riot


    Yes I was in a dangerous riot along with a member of our group. Here is what happened and what we learned.  We decided to follow pedestrians all walking in one direction. Perhaps there was market? festival? parade? We ended up facing a large square, empty except for a line of men and women. Was this a parade?  We quickly noticed another line moving forward; it was one of armed police. It took a moment to realize there was going to be a confrontation.

  • How a Female Tour Operator Deals with Injury Before a Trip

    How a Female Tour Operator Deals with Injury Before a Trip



    Yes tour leaders get sick and hurt also! I recently had to cancel a trip due to a serious back issue.  Now in preparing for another overseas trip, here is a plan which might be helpful for your out there. The Women’s Travel Group shares some tips:non medical as we are not doctors, just women who love to travel. 




    Get the right amount of sleep.

    Get the right quality of sleep: meaning no wine, light dinners, early to bed.

  • New TSA Regulations for Women Travelers

    New TSA Regulations and Old Ones You Forgot

    TSA is always refining their rules; adding new ones, or changing old ones. Recently TSA stopped allowing powder in carry on luggage. Any passenger on an international flight bound for the US who is carrying 12 ounces or more of powder cosmetics or talcum powder, dried spices, or protein mix must now place it in checked luggage,  If you do carry more than 12 oz. TSA will likely toss your powder, delay your movements and search you more thoroughly.

  • Will Your Next Trip be Ruined by Fake News?

    Will Your Next Trip be Ruined by Fake News?



    The answer might be yes. Not only Russians fake news, ads, and Facebook posts. Travel sellers do also. 

    Marketing,vague language, scare headlines can destroy your travel plans and make you lose mo ney.

    There are many ways false information reaches you. Here are some red flags listed by The Women’s Travel Group:

    Scare articles. Writers need scare headlines like the one on this blog post.  For accurate information, go to the US State Dept. which outlines dangers and concerns in parts of the world.

  • 5 Reasons to Make Ireland a First Overseas Trip

    5 Reasons to Make Ireland a First Overseas Trip








    First overseas travel can be scary. You are away from the home you know and trust.  Accents might be hard to decipher.  You are jet lagged. You are tired.  Money is strange. People might look at you. Even TV will surprise.


    Going to Ireland as your first overseas trip is a smart idea. Touching on the above: the language is English, accents are closer to the American accent, than most British accents. The flight is short.…


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