• Jerry Seinfeld and Dead Travel?

    Jerry Seinfeld and Dead Travel?

    Jerry Seinfeld posted an Op Ed in the New York Times called “So You Think New York is ‘Dead’?. Travel is not dead either. Read on.   He disparages people who left New York for Florida. He is short on those who say they will live remotely.  He sees New York’s future through its energy, attitude and personality. He is the optimistic travelers should listen to.

    How does this opinion piece translate to travel?

    Women's Travel in Ixtapan Mexico. Travel not dead there either.

    During this pandemic, we sat at home, baked, watched TV, zoomed, shopped on line and cleaned.…

  • London Bridge Closed

    London Bridge Closed

    Why is London Bridge Closed to Americans despite our automatic visas?   We were the darlings of tourism post WW2? Now even London, our bestie, is closed to us. 116 foreign countries allow U.S. citizens in with a passport, according to PassportIndex.org. Things have change with Covid. Example: entry used to be automatic from The UK. Now Americans have a 14 day shelter in place quarantine and are invited in for essential travel only.

    Logo for the official UK Border Patrol site for women's travel to London

    What is a visa? How will it change your travels?…

  • Your First Pandemic Vacation

    Your First Pandemic Vacation

    What does your first pandemic vacation feel like? I just took 5 days off and traveled to a new location, stayed at a hotel, ate in restaurants, played golf, walked in parks and on a beach. I was able to chat with others at a distance or behind a mask and by Day 2 it all came together: We can do this and enjoy it. 

    Here is what I found:

    Every place had hand sanitizer and it was used!…

  • Why Let the Government Spy  on You?

    Why Let the Government Spy on You?

    It is July 4, let’s be patriotic and let the government spy on us. Here is one practical reason to let the government spy on you. You should get Global Entry now.  Global Priority is a popular program that allows travelers coming home from overseas  to re-enter the United States on an expedited basis.  You fill out copious forms on line and email them.  One of the hard ones for me personally is to list every country visited and when visited. Be prepared. …

  • Over the Rainbow, Women are ready to travel.

    Over the Rainbow, Women are ready to travel.

    Over the Rainbow… Women ready to travel? Time is getting nearer and nearer when we will. The virus is no Wizard of Oz; it is real, dangerous and in control of our lives right now. But things are changing even though it feels like they are not.

    We will travel again and the time is getting nearer.
    So who is wearing the mask on our Ethiopia trip?

    Slowly slowly, travel is coming back. Travelers are antsy. Airlines are sparkling clean, as are airports. Hotels are sanitized. Even the NY City subway is polished and primed.…

  • Packing and Weather

    Packing and Weather

    Packing and weather  do not dance together well. During Summer, we pack light clothes and tees; therefore,  forgetting that altitude and general direction of winds can create unseasonably cold air. Moreover, we forget that planes are cold and some airports as well. In winter we can overpack again forgetting that in cold weather, one can use sweaters and jeans for a number of days. But that shoes might get wet so we need a second pair. 

    A good way to zero in on what to pack is to make some notes on what you are wearing on different weather days.…

  • We survived historic health problems on airplanes!

    We survived historic health problems on airplanes!

    Haven’t we survived historic health problems on airplanes? Yes of course. And we tolerated these health problems on airplanes as the ‘norm’. Moreover remember smoking on airplanes and in the airport? We flew anyway and sat next to smokers in the departure lounge. Smoking was the ‘norm’. Therefore, there will be new ‘norms’ now. We argue that none of them is worse that what we had before.

    CDC Masks and new travel health problems
    (Image source: CDC Public Health Image Library)

    Here are some of the proposed changes that might effect you when you next travel.…

  • 5 Stages of Mourning for Travel

    5 Stages of Mourning for Travel

    One can never compare  loss of family or friends to mourning for travel.  Personal losses stay deep in our hearts. Mourning for travel is also real. Travel can be such an important source of joy, that its loss must also be mourned in 5 stages. 

    Let’s start this conversation with a comment by British author, CS Lewis. “No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear”. Today we are scared along with mourning. Are we going thru the 5 stages of mourning?…

  • Shocking Reasons Women Travel

    Shocking Reasons Women Travel

    Shocking reasons women travel. To get away from routine or boredom. Many women travel to reaffirm independence.  Many women travel to learn.  Even more travel to avoid loneliness.

    Who doesn’t like to get away from routine and miserable weather? Going South in winter is a welcome break.  However, that women travel break can also include going to a beach alone with no one to hold your wallet.  It can include trying to enjoy dinner amongst talkative families. My first trip to Ixtapan Spa in Mexico was alone (admittedly at the invitation of the owner.)…

  • Widows: Your Wanderlust and Wishes

    Widows: Your Wanderlust and Wishes


    Please share with friends who are widows who wish to travel. Vacations for widows?

    Being quarantined has made loneliness worse. This blog post was originally sent out only about taking a first trip alone. It is revised to reflect what we are going through during the pandemic: March-May 2020. Vacations for widows are even more intimidating now.

    Let me start by saying these  thoughts come from talking to you out there and from my friends.

    Planning a trip as a solo is a different exercise.…

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