• Why Are Solo Women Scared to Travel?

    Everyday we get calls and emails, some are to book trips and some are to say you are scared to book a trip. Some have booked trips and call to say they are still scared and nervous. Lets take apart a trip and try to experience it ahead of time to take the scared part away.

    First here is Phyllis’ first trip alone. I flew to London, made it to the apartment where I was staying. Hungry and nervous about going out for dinner alone at night time, I went a nearby restaurant.…

  • New Airline Regulations for Women

    There are new regulations and there are new headlines. Two girls were turned away from a United flight, wearing leggings.  They were traveling on airline passes, as a relative worked for United.  Airlines have strict dress codes for passengers on free tickets and leggings are definitely not allowed. This is a fake story. Read before you panic.

    Another new regulation is that all electronics (except phones and medical devices) must be packed,if you are flying from 8 airports in the Middle East on airlines which fly direct to the US.  …

  • TSA and 5 Items Not to Wear or Carry

    TSA and 5 Items Not to Wear or Carry

    The Trump Administration is considering 11% cuts in the TSA Budget. If that means faster yet more intrusive searches, women need to rethink what we wear and what we carry. Especially if you are traveling alone on one of our trips, you don’t want to be delayed while your carry on sits away from sight.




    Here are  items that should be left home, substituted or packed in your suitcase. Here are some tips from The Women’s Travel Group:

    The big one: underwired bras.

  • Where in the World is Waldo Safe?

    Where in the World is Waldo Safe?

    Every day when I wake up, the paper and tv tell me to hide in the deepest closet. There I might be safe, if I don’t eat sugar, fat, processed foods, or salt. So are we safe if we travel today? Who are all these pundits and are they for real?

    There are the safety consultants, usually for profit companies, who want you to hire them for consultations or training in judo.

    There are battalions of former– not all so young –military personnel now on the payroll of tv news programs. …

  • Never Eat these 10 No No’s Overseas

    There are certain no no’s if you wish to travel to more exotic places and NOT get sick. This blog post might sound too conservative but why lose your hard earned money and days on a trip when you get sick?

    1. Shell fish, unless you are in a fine restaurant adjacent to the sea!
    2. Fish on weekends or after holidays. In some countries, fish is not delivered on weekends, Mondays or holidays….your fish will be old.
    3. Cut up fruit cocktail, not everyone washes hands when cutting fruit.
  • Traveling Abroad in the Trump Era

    Traveling Abroad in the Trump Era


    Whatever your politics, you might worry about the image of Americans with Trump as President. During the 60’s the Dollar was king, the elite traveled; Americans were new rich tourists aka The Ugly Americans. During the 70’s we stayed in hostels  flyew on charter flights. If it was Tuesday it was Belgium. In the 80’s we flooded Europe and SE Asia many with first passports. In the 90’s overseas travel started in college with junior years abroad. 2000’s tourists went to new countries in Eastern Europe, did volunteer tourism and adult study programs.…

  • Take Advantage of Others' Travel Fears

    Travel is as safe as ever. Newspapers are not as popular as ever. What connects the two subjects? To motivate you to buy a paper/read it on line/ or glance at a newsstand, head lines have to be horrifying and misleading.

    Middle Eastern refugees will not attack you in Europe. Berbers will not throw a bomb at you in Morocco.  No one is waiting in a niche at the Colosseum in Rome to rob you. But newspaper headlines will hint that all of this will happen, and will happen to YOU.…

  • Danger Signs in Women's Tours

    Five danger signs to warn you off a tour; serious tips to share from The Women’s Travel Group.

    Yes we have heard stories like the one from Isabelle who booked a train trip from a tour operator, arrived only to find there was no such train. Here are the danger signs:

    No one answers the phone-voicemail will not do especially while you are traveling.

    Photos in brochures or sites are formally posed not casually shot.

    Women in photos are obvious models not real people.…

  • Holiday Weekend Tips Just for Women

    Holiday Tips uniquely for women, from The Women’s Travel Group. We all know the usual: be at the airport early, drive carefully and don’t drink/eat too much. Here are about a few others that effect women more than men:

    Toss a small roll of toilet paper in your carry on. Bathrooms are bound to be full at airports and highway stops. Supplies will be gone.

    Take some purell type gel to wipe hands after you leave a crowded public bathroom.…

  • Falling Down 15 Stairs

    Yesterday we  read about the awful attack in Istanbul. Shocking videos made even my stalwart travel spine shiver. My heart went out to those injured and families of those killed. Then I remembered how, in a moment of stupidity, I fell down 15 steep stairs, collapsing at the bottom with a flying iPad. Wondering if I was crippled for life. Why connect the two?

    Reading about terrorism and being personally affected by it are very different animals. The statistics of being part of a terrorist event are miniscule, yet television metaphorically covers us with blood.…


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