• Danger Signs in Women's Tours

    Danger Signs in Women's Tours


    Five danger signs to warn you off a tour; serious tips to share from The Women’s Travel Group.


    Yes we have heard stories like the one from Isabelle who booked a train trip from a tour operator, arrived only to find there was no such train. Here are the danger signs:

    No one answers the phone-voicemail will not do especially while you are traveling.

    Photos in brochures or sites are formally posed not casually shot.

    Women in photos are obvious models not real people.…

  • Holiday Weekend Tips Just for Women

    Holiday Weekend Tips Just for Women

    Holiday Tips uniquely for women, from The Women’s Travel Group. We all know the usual: be at the airport early, drive carefully and don’t drink/eat too much. Here are about a few others that effect women more than men:

    Toss a small roll of toilet paper in your carry on. Bathrooms are bound to be full at airports and highway stops. Supplies will be gone.

    Take some purell type gel to wipe hands after you leave a crowded public bathroom.…

  • Falling Down 15 Stairs

    Falling Down 15 Stairs


    Yesterday we  read about the awful attack in Istanbul. Shocking videos made even my stalwart travel spine shiver. My heart went out to those injured and families of those killed. Then I remembered how, in a moment of stupidity, I fell down 15 steep stairs, collapsing at the bottom with a flying iPad. Wondering if I was crippled for life. Why connect the two?

    Reading about terrorism and being personally affected by it are very different animals. The statistics of being part of a terrorist event are miniscule, yet television metaphorically covers us with blood.…

  • US Passport Problems

    US Passport Problems

    elephantindiaThe elephant who came to our bus in Jaipur India to say hi. Next India trip: Dec 2016

    Can a US Passport Holder be turned away by a country that normally allows us entry?  We all assume that our US/ Canadian passports grant us entry to practically all nations.  (When The Women’s Travel Group trips require a visa ahead of time for instance India,Iran, Brazil) , we advise you carefully).

    Here are some situations where you might spend your vacation in the airport.…

  • Brexit Shock and Your Travel Plans

    Brexit Shock and Your Travel Plans



    (The photo is from voxeurop.eu)

    Yeserday, Britain voted to leave the EU.

    How will this change your travel plans? Here is guidance from The Women’s Travel Group.

    For Americans, little will change possibly attitude- see below. If you look at the visa stamp in your passport from a past trip to the UK, you see the following paraphrased. You may enter the UK for up to 6 months. You may not use public assistance. (These are national health or other services like reduced rates for seniors on buses, trains, in museums,free medical, dental, reduced price medicine, eyeglasses etc.)

    ATTITUDE Americans may enter the UK for 6 months.…

  • US Airlines Block Discounters

    US Airlines Block Discounters

    Norwegian Airlnorwegianairlineslogoines,one of the largest in Europe, is being blocked from new routes US-Europe by lobbying from our BIG Airlines. We recently wrote about Airline Safety. Apparently Norwegian meets the standards listed in that article.

    So guys, if you want us consumers to book higher airfares rather than fly on Norwegian, then give us a bone:

    Better ff benefits which you just snatched from us.

    A nibble? A peanut? A chip or two?

    Don’t charge for a tissue.

    Add some decency to your approach.…

  • Overseas Phone Savings for Dummies

    Overseas Phone Savings for Dummies




    Here we are in India where phone service was excellent and Facetime easy to connect. We arrange trips to India every year!


    December 2016 India trip click here

    After you return home and see a huge bill from your carrier, you will decide to learn the telephone mess once and for all. We are not telephone experts but here are some easy tips to save money. You can find many more on line.

    If your hotel has free wifi (usually  in public areas), you can forego paying for email.…

  • Worst Mistakes When Delayed by Weather

    Worst Mistakes When Delayed by Weather


    code sharing

    Delays due to weather/strikes happen.  This list is what you should NOT do:

    Panic, it will not help you to make sharp decisions.

    Call your travel agent unless she/he booked the actual flight.

    Pull out your credit card immediately.

    Stand in a long frenzied line with screaming people.

    Pack in luggage your phone charger; always keep it in carry on.

    Here is what you SHOULD do:

    Scan trip documents for the 24/7 emergency numbers of your trip. Always keep the 24/7 numbers for your flights/cruise/tour on hand.…

  • Female Neurosis– Insomnia in Travel

    Female Neurosis– Insomnia in Travel



    More than men, women have sleep problems when we travel.  Jet lag and being away from home–possibly for the first time alone –can complicate the issue.

    If you can, fly so you arrive early evening. Do not exercise heavily before bed; but a nice walk will help. On some trips like our Colors of India, there are choices of flight arrivals.

    Start moving into the new time zone before you leave. Get up early or stay up late whichever applies.…

  • Tips for Winter Spa/Fitness Getaways

    Tips for Winter Spa/Fitness Getaways

    coldweather       Tips for choosing a winter wellness week.

                                   Ixtapan Spa will be your 2016 gift.


    1. Make sure your hotel includes fitness and/or spa treatments in prices. Do not be fooled by discounted room prices. Service charges on spa treatments are usually 20% on top of the price.
    2. Ask what is walkable from the hotel.  Everyone wants to leave the confines of a resort, no matter how lovely, and many destination resorts are remotely situated.
    3. Shopping? Is there shopping near.  Most hotels have ridiculously overpriced shops.

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